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Demon Core

In the dawn of the Atomic Age, a prodigy scientist holds the heart of an Atomic Core in his hands. What happens next accelerates or understanding of radiation and hubris of science. 

(Please note, audio decay at the end of the episode. We're not nearly that drunk.)

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Story By: Alex Brenan | Hosted by: Lacey Ramse & Alex Brenan

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Bonus! Recommended Documentaries:



Produced by: BBC

Directed by: Paul Wilmhurst

Released: 2005

Taken from the written first hand accounts of survivors of the Hiroshima bombing, these words serve as narration to dramatic reenactments of the hours before, to the days after the event.

Includes descriptions and dramatized imagery of death, destruction, and dying.  Viewer discretion advised.

The Atomic Cafe

Produced & Directed by: Jayne Loader, Kevin Rafferty & Pierce Rafftery

Released: 1982

An atypical documentary, this film is a chronological compilation of PSA's and US military training videos throughout history. It is a sobering look into our understanding, both publicly and privately, regarding radioactive fallout and the effects on humans, as well as the unethical and questionable tests conducted by the US Government.


Includes visuals of a radiation burns and loss of human life. Viewer discretion advised. 


White Light Black Rain

Produced by: HBO

Directed by: Steven Okazaki

Released: 2007

Fourteen survivors of the Hiroshima bombing are interviewed for this documentary. It highlights the the horrific loss of life in the days and years following, as well as the stigma faced by survivors in Japan. Each tale gives detailed and terrifying descriptions of the event, and the long-term effects on the life of each survivor.

Includes graphic imagery of ration burns, loss of human life, and artistic recreations by the survivors. Also includes graphic descriptions. VIEWER DISCRETION HIGHLY ADVISED.
Dark Matters: Twisted but True Season 2, Episode 4

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