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Wanna hear us dish on the truth of a clown fish? Did you know the way to a snail's heart includes a love dart? And what about ducks? Would you like to hear how they... well, you get the picture. Join us for our Valentine's Day Special as we explore the strange world of Animal Mating!

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References below the episode.

Story By: Lacey Ramse | Hosted by: Lacey Ramse & Alex Brenan

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Try our Weekly Special Cocktail crafted by our own Lacey Ramse!

"Let's Fall in Love" by Mother Mother

"Bird of Paradise Courtship Spectacle" from BBC Earth

"Dance of the Sage Grouse" from GTV

"Puffer Fish Constructs a Masterpiece of Love" from BBC Earth

"Seahorse Mating Dance" from BBC's The Great British Year

"If You're Scare of Snakes, Don't Watch This" from National Geographic

"First-Ever Footage of Deep-Sea Anglerfish Mating Pair" from NatGeo Wild


"Explosive Eversion of a Duck Penis"


From Dragon Ball (Property of Bird Studio/Shueisha) "Fushion Dance"

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