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the intersection of BLM and the Geneva ConventionS

Welcome to the conversation, the intersection, and dissection of Civil Rights in the United States. Those rights established during the Geneva Conventions are for the protection of person engaged in active warfare on both sides. How do these rights measure against those of the American people in the time of the Black Lives Matter movement? Join us as we explore the Intersection of Black Lives Matter and the Geneva Conventions.

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Story By: Alex Brenan | Hosted by: Lacey Ramse & Alex Brenan

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National Guard fires tear gas on peaceful protesters in Seattle's Capitol Hill 2020,conflicts%20as%20well%20international%20ones.,States%20(698)%2C%20St.,in%20the%201929%20Geneva%20Convention.&text=POWs%20must%20be%20treated%20humanely,%2C%20insults%2C%20and%20public%20curiosity.

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